For many years, there was a young man from Ghana, that dreamed of coming to America.  His name was KWAME.  He lived in the seacoast city of Accra.  He wanted a better life for his family, which included extended family members.  As we spoke, he talked about the poverty in his country.  He was the one that everyone depended on, to make a good living in America.  “If I don’t work, they don’t eat.”  “In America, he says, You want work, you find work!” Kwame sends a good portion of his income to his family.  He had left a wife with three children, four years ago. “The little one was on her mother’s breast, when I left”, he explained.  It occurred to me that it was a beautiful way to describe the age of the child.  He tells me that it took 20 years to get a Visa. Now, his wife is waiting for an invitation, to seek a Visa for the family, to come here.  They have not seen each other, since he left his home.  The little one tells him on the phone, “Da-Da come home.  We miss you!” 


 I have never seen such a hard working man, who is now about 46 years old.  He is rarely idle, has a beautiful smile, always appears happy.  I have to wonder about our culture of plenty, compared to this man, without the presence of his family, deprivation, very poor, thankful for litterly crumbs, to be alive, to be in America.  Kwame loves to use the expression “AMERICA”! for every mechanical device, portions of food, our “PLENTY!”
  It is blustery winter now & is very cold.  Kwame peddles his bicycle to my house in all kinds of weather.  He was wearing a thin windbreaker/vest, oversized pants & sneakers.  I gave him my husband’s heavy overcoat & other items for he & his family.  He was so thrilled to get everything.  Somethings, I was going to throw out.  He has a humongous barrel, filled with clothes, food, that he will send to his family in Ghana.  It will cost $50.00 to send across the ocean.  998460-p441

The QUESTION?   How did I come to meet this beautiful Christian man from Africa?  He knows his bible, as he quotes from it, in reference to his life.  “Anything is possible” with God!  He believes it, too.  This child of God, is a Presbyterian, but I want to change that, so we can go to church & choir practice together.  First, he has to get a driver’s license.  We are working on that!

Not to digress anymore, I contacted an agency to send a male home aide, to help me with my terminally ill husband, who is now in Hospice Care. God does answer prayer!  He sent me this wonderful angel, who not only takes good care of my husband, but also looks after me.  He is with me for a few hours in the morning & at night.  He cares for someone else, also, that provided housing for him.  After a snowstorm hit us at the beach, he called in afternoon & said, “Mama, You alright?  Do you need anything?”  I assured him that I was fine. He now worries about Mama.

Kwame hopes to get naturalized soon. He wants to be a citizen!  I think that this country’s people will be proud to add Kwame’s name to the citizenship list, who still believes the American dream (only in America), & will be an asset to citizenry.

I am trying to find a way to bring this family together soon.!  THIS ONE IS A KEEPER!