As most of my readers know by now, I am a caregiver to my husband, who is afflicted with Alzheimers/Parkinsonism Disease.  What is means is that he will eventually not remember his past or his family.  He has Parkinson’s symptoms with it.  It includes motor skill deterioration with increasing rigidity of body movements.  Swallowing becomes a problem, as well as getting signals to the body for all functions needed to survive.  His brain has atrophied, as brain cells are dying.  It is difficult to watch as well as care for a loved one in this state.

Recently, I watched a movie called, “AWAY FROM HER”.  It is about a couple, Julie Christie & Gordon Pinsent, experiencing the very trials & tribulations, that all families are facing in this situation.  Fiona & Grant have been married almost 50 yrs.  Her forgetfulness has become a problem, to the extent that she wanders away one day & cannot find her way home.  She has forgotten where the frying pan goes, etc.  I relate to this, as my husband had put things away in the most unusual places, with no memory of ever doing it.  Cold stuff often ended up in the cupboard, only to find it days later, spoiled! 

The decision is made by both to institutionalize her.  The separation is painful, especially for Grant, who must wait a month to visit Fiona.  Those were the rules for patient to acclimate themselves to their surroundings.  When he finally returns, she does not recognize him & finds her involved with a fellow patient.  I will not indulge anymore of the story.  It is a powerful, profound story with Oscar winning performances.

The movie was adapted from the story,”THE BEAR CAME OVER THE MOUNTAIN”, by Alice Munro.

“IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BECOME WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN,” has been one of the most memorable lines from the story.  It has particular meaning to everyone who has come to a glitch in the road of life!