WORDS OF WISDOM- A letter to my children & to all that will be moved by these sage words!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are all concentrating on the biggie!  At Christmastime, I know all of you will be where you want to be & will have enjoyable times with some family & friends.  Some will experience a less fulfilling time, as in the past, as alternative plans have been made. The alternative celebration includes myself & others in similar circumstances. In fact, an appearance of one individual, would be most welcome, especially for one, who has received little company since before August. Visitations are most important to shut-ins, to keep them in contact with daily life.  My husband was the biggest testimony of that, as he lay dying, he revived to live longer with each visit from someone.  Visits were sparse!  What a difference they would have made if oftener.

I cannot speak enough to the topic of giving yourself, your time, your talents!  It does make a difference!  Did it occur, that when will serve your abundance of food, to offer a platter to a lonely neighbor or someone in need?  Or during this holiday season, to reach out to a shut-in or lonely senior in need of stimulation?  So little is expected, but we live by example. Our children today are so used to entitlements that there needs to be opportunity to serve others. Receiving without the opportunity of giving back, erodes & corrupts the soul, a well known psychologist has noted! So it is my wish this holiday season, that you extend yourself & family to someone less fortunate. It is a season for giving, but giving your heart, yourself, is the most generous, loved gifts! You will not bankrupt your budget for a year either!  This has been my life, giving of self, to others. So I may have chosen a road less traveled sometimes, but it has made all the difference, as Robert Frost once wrote. 

Now is the time to stop looking back & looking to the future.  But most importantly the present, as that is all you have now,  Do not let it pass through your fingers unnoticed, for tomorrow you will weep, for what you had & lost!

Christmas is a time, where we all want to be home again. But no one can truly go home again.  As the song goes, “I’ll be home for Christmas, but only in my dreams!’  I don’t think I can realistically come home again.  It is too bittersweet.  My home is here.

So make merry, enjoy the holidays!  As times are ever changing, so is your life.  It is all ahead of you.  What are you going to REALLY DO WITH IT?