OUR ROOTS began in Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, and travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to Philadelphia, Montgomery, Berks, Bucks, Northampton, Carbon, Schuylkill, Dauphin,  Northmberland, and Lebanon counties.


OUR ANCESTORS  fought bravely for their new country and were revolutionary war patriots.
           Born                     Died              Place of birth
Abraham Joray Sr.                  Switzerland         
19 Mar 1718         Sep 1785
Abraham Kissinger                  Berks.PA              
 Nov 1740      11 Nov 1807
Abraham Stein                      Lebanon.PA            
6 Jan 1756           c 1829
Alexander Klinger                  Germany
23 Jun 1726      25 Apr 1802
Andreas Daniel Sr.                 Berks.PA            
25 Feb 1757      25 May 1841
Andreas Reigel                     Dauphin.PA                
c 1750      14 May 1815
Andreas Reitz                      North’d.PA           
1 Jan 1755      16 Sep 1837
Andreas Schmeltz Sr.               Germany              
9 Jan 1751      11 Dec 1834
Christian Walborn                  Berks.PA             
11 May 1758       8 Nov 1845
George Benjamin Buffington         Chester.PA           
8 Feb 1759      26 May 1830
Jacob Van Der Sluiss               Berks.PA                 
c 1755
Jean Pierre Weiulle                Switzerland          
2 Feb 1745      15 Aug 1821
Johann Christian Hoffman Sr.           Berks.PA                  
 1752         Sep 1842
Johann Coleman                     Berks.PA                 
c 1745             1793
Johann Heinrich Daniel Sr.         Berks.PA             
11 Jul 1754       7 Nov 1841
Johann Jacob Artz                  Germany                  
c 1727      25 Jun 1793
Johann Jacob Hoffman Sr.           Germany              
6 Mar 1752       3 Mar 1839
Johann Michael Koppenheffer   Lebanon.PA                  
1733       5 Nov 1823
Johann Nicolaus Brosius Jr.        Berks.PA            
25 Dec 1754      13 Dec 1833
Johann Philip Klinger Sr.          Germany             
11 Jul 1723      30 Sep 1811
Johann Phillip Klinger Jr.          Berks.PA            
11 Dec 1765      25 Nov 1829
Johannes Hoffman Sr.               Berks.PA            
11 Mar 1747       1 Nov 1818
John Nicholas Bobb                 Germany                    
1750             1814
John Nicholas Hoffman Sr.          Berks.PA                   
1749      28 Apr 1814
Martinus Walborn                   Berks.PA            
15 Apr 1733       3 Feb 1816
Mathias Deibler                    Dauphin.PA               
c 1765
Michael Schadle                    Dauphin.PA                
c 1743
Peter Schoffstall Sr.              Germany                   
 1740             1815
Peter Trautman                     North’d.PA              
CA 1739         Feb 1809
Philip Klinger                     Chester.PA          
10 Nov 1753      10 Apr 1841
Samuel Jury                        Switzerland         
18 Aug 1751       7 Nov 1816
Wilhelm Bordner                    Berks.PA             
3Jun 1757          1847
Printed on: 22 Jan 2008                 
Prepared by:
Jim & Elsie Klinger Eaves
165 Dan Moody Trail
Georgetown, TX 78628-4545
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                        FOR THEIR NEW COUNTRY.
                 REVOLUTIONARY WAR PATRIOTS      
Peter Philip Hahn                   Germany
December 15, 1715        November 12, 1800
Frederick Hausman Hahn          Northampton Co., PA
November 16, 1747         November 25, 1815
George Henry Hausman Hahn        Northampton Co., PA
December 28, 1758         December 21, 1829
Michael Bretzius                   Germany
November 27, 1740          September 14, 1803
Conrad Minnich
Unknown                     Aft. April 6, 1796
Frederic Schnoke                                         Schuylkill Co., PA 
1737                                                                                1826
Johann Jacob Lorenz Gunkle                                   Germany
September 28, 1746                                      September 2, 1813
Johannes Jr. Lorenz Gunkle                                    Prussia
December 10, 1747                 October 10, 1778      Died in Battle at
Germantown, Pennsylvania during Revolutionary War
Leonard Lorenz Gunkle                                           Berks Co., PA
May 15, 1749                        October 10, 1778    Died in Battle of
Germantown, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA
Johann Lorentz Moller Gunkle                                   Germany
Abt 1724                                           1778
John Jacob Brosius Rohrer/ Rehrer                         Berks Co., PA
December 8, 1754                              October 14, 1822
Johan Peter Trautman/ Troutman                           Germany
Abt. 1739                                             February 12, 1809
Johann Georg Caspar Feg Rieth/ Reed                  Berks Co., PA
February 2, 1728/29                               1790
Johann Jacob Knoll Rieth/ Reed                      Berks Co., PA
July 25, 1751                                       March 28, 1821
Johan Wilhelm Berkheiser                                    Germany
 Bef. December 3, 1756                         July 19, 1793
Johann/ John Adam Leffler                              Berks Co., PA
    Abt. 1753                      Under Captain Benjamin Weiser for
Northumberland County.
Johan Wilhelm/ William Berkheiser            Rheinland, Germany
Bef. December 3, 1756                       July 19, 1793    

Berks Estate Administration Manheim 1793    
1784 Capt Conrad Minnich’s Co 
Ludwig Herring                       Europe                
June 27, 1734                  February 16, 1788
1777 Cap Jac Whetstone’ Co
1783 Capt Jac Whetstone Co
Jacob R. Reher (Rehrer)     Rehrersburg, Berks Co., PA
October 14, 1823  
Adam Schweigert
Abt. 1755          1780 Capt Christof Baldi Co
Adam Wagner    South Manheim Twp., Schuylkill Co., PA
          June 14, 1864    Killed in action at Petersburg




         Born 1420   France

Married AMELIE de VERT

Born 1422   France


” The earliest date to which we lay claim, one which came through the
Institute of American Geneology, is 443 B. C. when we find our
ancestor, Antenor, as King of the Cimmerons.  Names of sixteen
generations follow, and we come to Francus,who was
King of the Franks, in 393 A. D.  Dates and names are authentic 
and our connection is made through the marriage of Briand Daniel,
who in 1568 married Marguerite Humbert, daughter of Jacques
Humbert, direct descendant of Marcomir and Antenor. 
In 1420 A. D. in France, Amedee Daniel, Lord of Desvres,
was born. He married Amelia de Vert, by whom he had two
sons, Jean and Phillipe.  Phillipe married Agnetta, daughter
of the Count of Bilbao in Spain, and their grandson was Briand,
who married Marguerite Humbert.  This Daniel line traces
directly down through the years to 1626 when Jean Daniel
deserted the church of his fathers, accepted the Protestant faith,
and was driven from his home to Germany.  Here he lived
as a Huguenot refugee, and it was his grandson, Adam Daniel,
who came to America where he married Barbara Kliest.”

 Printed on: 22 Jan 2008                  

Prepared by:

Jim & Elsie Klinger Eaves

165 Dan Moody Trail

Georgetown, TX 78628-4545

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“A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements
of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to
be remembered by remote descendants.”

~Thomas Babington Macaulay


While every effort has been made for accuracy in this research,
I can not guarantee that every detail or fact is correct. 
So please, only use the information as a starting point
and check other sources, too.  As my father’s people
were mostly Mennonite, I have used their naming
system for all my files.  I have over 75,000 files. 
Using the mother’s surname, as a middle name, was easier
to identify all the multiple Johann’s & Anna Maria’s, etc. 
Genealogy is not an exact science.  There are many reasons,

why information varies & is often incorrect.  Ever try
to read some old tombstones? 

Census takers & record keepers often had
very poor penmanship.  Even on census reports,
wrong dates were reported by the family member.


PA Civil War
Civil War History in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, PA

PA Civil War Soldiers of Pine Grove, Schuylkill County
Biographical Notes, 1841-1916, of Pine Grove, Pa
The Pinegrove Light Infantry   was organized in the Spring of 1858 with following members:

Israel Spancake enlisted April 21, 1861

10th Regiment, P. A. V.
Out of a membership of 46, 26 formed the nucleus of Company D, 10th Regiment, in three months call of 75,000 men.
Muster roll of Co. D, 10th Regiment, P. A. V., under call of 75000 men for three months.

Musician, Israel Spancake.
Musician, William Lehman.

37. Private, Samuel Lehman.

69 Private Andrew Zimmerman

16th Cavalry The following men from Pine Grove served in 16th Pa., Cavalry:

Nathan Wagner.

96th Regiment Muster roll of Company B, 96th Regiment.

38. Private, William Leffler

54. Private, Israel Reed
55. Private, Erasmus Reed
56. Private, John Reed wounded at Spotsylvania.

77. Private, Henry Zimmerman

The following in Company G, 173 Pa. Militia:
Captain Levi Christ
1. Lieutenant, George K. Reed.
2. Lieutenant, George W. Zimmerman

3. Sergeant, Daniel K. Reed.
4. Sergeant, Josiah Reichert.

3. Private Christian Behney.
4. Private Amos Behney.

13. Private Emanuel Christ.

41. Private John Leffler.
42. Private George W. Long.

64. Private Thomas Sotzin

76. Private Henry Wagner
77. Private Joseph Wagner

39th Regiment P. A. Filbert was Major of the 39th Regiment
Muster Roll Co. H, 39th Regiment, Pa. Militia.

3. 3rd Sergt. James M. Rohrer.

4. Private Michael, Bretzius.

9. Pri50. Private Andrew J. Reed.
51. Private Daniel Reed.
52. Private Jacob Rehrer.

Prvate John Bonawitz, Jr.

The following served in Co. H, 21st Regiment Cavalry:
Jeremiah Lehman.
Cyrus Schucker.

Amos Shuey died of wound received at Ameli Co. H.


7th Cavalry
Frederick Shrope, Co. A, 7th Cavalry.

Jacob Rehrer, Co. G, 7th Cavalry

Civil War Service Records  Rehrer

Name       Company     Unit      Rank- Induction    Rank-Discharge   All egiance

E. G. Rehrer             E        129 Pennsylvania Inf.      Captain         Captain     Union

George Rehrer         C        214 Pennsylvania Inf.     Private           Private     Union   

George S. Rehrer     G        7 Pennsylvania Cav.       Private           Private     Union   

Henry Rehrer           F         29 N. Y. Infantry.         Private            Private      Union 

Jacob Rehrer               Unassd. Penn.     Cond’l Lieutenant   Cond’l Lieutenant  Union

Nicholas Rehrer     H         127 Pennsylvania Inf.    Private             Private      Union
Elias R. Troutman  Private- Enlisted in Company D, 26th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 19 Jun 1863.

William Clark Troutman  Private in Company K, 172nd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania   

             Private 28 Oct 1862

Martin Troutman  Private   Drafted into Company A, 148th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania

            on 22 Oct 1863.

    Died as a prisoner Company A, 148th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 22 Nov 1864

             at Salisbury, NC.

Martin Troutman  Enlisted as a Corporal in Company D, 26th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania

            on 19 Jun 1863

               Mustered Out Company D, 26th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 30 Jul 1863.

Elias R. Troutman  Private- Enlisted in Company D, 26th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on

            19 Jun 1863.

James Troutman  Private  Drafted into Company I, 91st Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania

             on 27 Sep 1864.


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