As I said previously, life is not easy with Dialysis.  You have really got to want to live!  I now have a buttonhole for my fistula.  It scabs up after treatment, so they have to be removed each time.  This can be painful, but suggest that the technician squirt saline water on it.  This helps it to soften.  The needle should not be too uncomfortable, if they can get it in the channel.  My veins roll a lot.  My physical loss of time is more of a problem.  If you are older, you may be tired, & need naps afterward.  Some others spring up & go to work afterwards.  I sleep a lot on my days off.  But then I have other problems, too.  I am still working on my diary with renal cookbook, EAT FOR LIFE!  It is a real challenge balancing sodium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.  BUT, YOU CAN DO IT!

I also found out that it appears that the more fluid you gain, especially weekend, is a problem.  The technician has to adjust the dialysis machine to a cooler temperature, so as your blood pressure does not drop too much.   That causes you to be physically colder.  The days that more fluid is removed, seems when the body temperature drops more.  Sometimes my teeth chatter for the four hours.  If you have have questions, contact me on this blog.