According to a Merriam Webster’s dictionary, transition is a passing of one condition to another, including a change in state of mind, or activity.  It can be caused by a role change, loss of job or relationship or just a mental change in perception of your world around you.  In any case it means change, for better or worse, depending on the transitional outcome.  Since August of 2009, I have gone through life’s most traumatic transitions, experiencing all of the above & none of them positive. But I have survived, even tho’ the body that I emotionally live in, is now at the brink of failure!  My diagnosis is unacceptable to someone who has cheated the death of her forefathers. My coffin has become the chair in which, I spend my life 24 hours a day. Dr visits make up my trips to the outside world. Few bother to stop by or call anymore.  I am now forgotten, despite my copious gifts, talents, & outreach to others in the community previously. Presently, after trying leg wrapping for lymphedema, I applied these space type leggings on my legs, 3 times a day.  A machine compresses & massages or pumps, my legs til fluid is squeezed back into the bladder.  If this fails, I will then have to resort to dialysis.  I would love to hear from some others in a similar state.
I have not had much energy, so many activities or pursuits remain undone.  I have exchanged creative, productive activity for computer games, that do not require much of me. Thus is the essence of my existence these days!
Only GOD knows where & when this will end.


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