You know that things never seem to change, on this subject, but maybe boldness!  I joined a site to find the love of my life, a partner with whom to share my life. I had a lot of responses, most not worth mentioning, but I was reminded about the same old story.  When we were young teenagers, frolicking in the back seat of a car, the game was the same.  The jocks as we called them, wanted to capture the girl’s virginity, then brag to the other jocks how good he was at lovemaking, which was really sex.  They had no concept of what lovemaking was or how to please a woman.  They mainly limited their escapades to the popular, pretty slim girls.  Anyone over a size 10 was verboten!  Most of the relationships were shallow & short lived.  Some married early, others just ended unhappily.  The boys physically became men, but still carried their macho ideas of the perfect woman.  I have news for you—–THERE IS NO SUCH FEMALE AS A PERFECT WOMAN!  SHE EXISTS ONLY IN YOUR IMAGINATION!  Today these very macho has beens’ are shopping for someone to fill the void in their life.  But they forget that just as worn as they have become, so has the woman of their dreams.  No one reaches 70, without some scars.  You know arthritis, which responds to drugs, that enable both to move until it’s over used & old.  A hysterectomy here, prostate there, we need not mention.  The scar hardly visible, until performance time!  Hair loss, wrinkles, flat feet, no feet, a breakdown of the body overly used!  But still they avoid the mirror, never finding their own flaws, only the perfection unfound, but highly sought after.  For both, it may be too late.  Time has taken its’ toll.  Let’s put away our childish ideas of happiness & take a good look in the mirror.  Then look for your dream girl.  She may be little, she may be fat, she may have parts wrong, or she may just be missing her teeth.  But the next time you really want a good woman, look at how she thinks, what she does, & how she reacts to people of all differences & similarities.  Most of all, is she capable of everlasting love no matter what befalls your relationship.  Time will tell, but time is not our friend.  Wake up!  She’s there!  Take your blinders off!  





animal_butterflies[1]DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER! 

Once I was a librarian for many years, in my other life, & I used to become annoyed by how some wonderful books sat on the shelf!  Classics!  Then some newer versions were donated to the library.  They were used, but had nice shiny covers, so appealing! I realized that THAT was the problem, as the new ones moved quickly, & the old worn ones stayed on the shelf! Appearances were everything, no matter how special the inside of the volume presented itself.  Aren’t some of us, like that in life?  We see something or someone, but if the object or person is unappealing, we don’t even bother to seek or find the good in what is presented to us.        ani-book[1]




The same with people we meet.  Our instant judgment on their capabilities, looks, are judged by what we see visually, not what is inside the heart & soul of the person.  I look at each individual as perhaps a gift!  It is more than the packaging!  You have to do more than admire the gift!  You have to unwrap it, to discover the treasures inside.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we could do that to all the people we meet?  Look. Admire, Learn, Unwrap the gift!  There would be less intolerance!

RECENTLY, finding myself a widow, I decided that I was unavailable too so many things for years, & didn’t want to waste another minute of life left to me! Being

somewhat immobile both by physical problem, & lack of someone to transport me, I decided to hook up with a dating site.  I was answering my e-mail & this Christian Singles, which I won’t mention any names, came across my screen.  Being lonely with only my computer for company, I thought of it as an omen! So I bravely & I mean bravely entered the cyber world.  To my surprise, I found instant Love, Marriage, etc.  But after a lot of sweet talk & espressions of love, poems, I guess I was ready for the KILL!  You remain anonymous, but if so green & smitten to the dating game after being married 50 years, as I was, WELL BEWARE!  THE ACTION FIRST INCLUDES GETTING A YAHOO ADDRESS, THEN YOU CAN DO IM, NEXT MAYBE PHONE NUMBER & REAL E-MAIL ADDRESS.  LASTLY, I’M STUCK IN NIGERIA WITHOUT MONEY FOR TOOLS, OR BEEN MUGGED.  THEN THE SUPPOSED 10 YR. OLD WRITES MISS ALICE FOR HELP FOR DAD.  Oh my, some of them, just switch their pictures.  Some include some bio, but different areas of domicle.  WOW!  What a game out there.  If it it not that, then be prepared,after a few very polite introductions, for it to lead very quickly to CYBER SEX.  Then try to get rid of them!  SCAMMERS!!!!  Who do you believe?  So girls if you are lonely & can get out on own speed. Do so!  Stay out of these places!


Getting back to my original supposition!  I put my own BBW picture on the net in my profile.  You guessed it!  Mostly sleeze balls! So I did a switch for an experiment!  I put an 1980 Drop Dead Gorgeous picture of me in space!  Wow!  In one day, I got more hits than I ever imagined, even the hunks, that passed me up the first time!  And this time they treated me like a lady! I got an honest relationship going with one gentleman, & that he was!  I asked why did theynot bother to read anything about me?  Only judged me by the picture.  He said that some men look at BBW as desperate women in need of more affection & love, & are easy & have  poor esteem.  BUT, he said the men have the same problem!  So I have taken the road less traveled so far & it has made all the difference in my life!