Social Security 2009

 KEEP IT GOING!!!!    normal_Retirement_16[1]

Propose this in 2009:

                               SOCIAL SECURITY:

                               (This is worth reading. It is short and to the point.)
 Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years.
Our Senators and Congresswomen do not pay into Social Security and, of course, they do not collect from it.
You see, Social Security benefits were not suitable for persons of their rare elevation in society . They felt they    should have a special plan for themselves. So, many years ago they voted in their own benefit plan.
In more recent years, no congressperson has felt the need to change it. After all, it is a great plan.
For all practical purposes their plan works like this:

When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay until they die.
             Except it may increase from time to time for cost of living adjustments…

          For example, Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their wives may expect to draw $7, 800,000.00 (that’s Seven Million, Eight-Hundred Thousand Dollars), with their wives drawing $275, 000..00 during the last years of their lives. This is calculated on an average life span for each of those two Dignitaries. Younger Dignitaries who retire at an early age, will receive much more during the rest of their lives. Their cost for this excellent plan is $0.00. NADA!!! ZILCH!!!  This little perk they voted for themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab f or this plan. The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly from the General Funds;

                               “OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK”!

    From our own Social Security Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid) into, every payday until we retire (which amount is matched by our employer), We can expect to get an average of  $1,000 per month after retirement. Or, in other words, we would have to collect our average of $1,000 monthly benefits for 68 years and one (1) month to equal Senator Bill Bradley’s benefits!

Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made. That change would be to Jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from under the Senators and Congressmen.. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us. Then sit back…..  And see how fast they would fix it! STAND UP & BE COUNTED, AMERICANS!!!!-     normal_Retirement_18[1]

  How many people can YOU show this to?  Better yet…… How many people WILL you send this information.  




This is a little gem that has come across the internet. As an older American, I have seen our values erode, as well, as common sense actions which seem to be obsolete. How can anyone object to the adhering to the TEN COMMANDMENTS! Most of the rules are for civilized living between any culture, whether Christian, Jewish, or Moslem, etc. Keeping the Sabbath, would certainly add more unity to family life. We live in such a rat race today. Forget the Sabbath day as Sunday, or Saturday, if non Christian/ Jew. Pick a day, & make it a quiet family day, or one for reflection. My health care which I have made hopefully good decisions about, I thank you is my business! As to my savings or neighbor’s wealth, forget it!!!! Let those who can earn a living, do so & not expect the government to keep them. The illegals have to realize, that we are not their keepers. Let’s care for our own first. For those in real need, I’m sure money could be found, eliminating some hair brain project, that only benefits a select few or some Senator wanting leverage for re-election. Let’s get back to basics! We will destroy ourselves from within, if we don’t change course! Beware Christians, etc. Christianity is fast becoming obsolete. It takes more than lip service to your beliefs. It takes actions! We are becoming a minority! As to the war, forget all the searching for mistakes, someone to persecute. It’s done! Get on with present, & try to do better. Why are we always looking for someone to blame, for everything! We elected these officials! The next time that you vote, do your homework on everyone! Don’t just push a button! Become informed! You’re making decisions for future generations, also. DON’T LET ALL THE MEN, THROUGH THE YEARS, WHO HAVE SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES FOR YOUR FREEDOM, TO HAVE DIED IN VAIN! STAND UP & BE COUNTED! BE A PROUD AMERICAN!! BRING BACK CHRISTIAN VALUES, HONESTY. LET’S MAKE THE PAST PROUD OF THE PRESENT & IT’S FUTURE!memorialday2[1]


Subject: America



I have noted that many elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans, called upon America to unite behind Obama.
Well, I want to make it clear to all who will listen that I AM NOT uniting behind Obama!I will respect the Office which he holds, and I will acknowledge his abilities as an orator and wordsmith and pray for him, BUT that is it!!!

I have begun today to see what I can do to make sure that He is a one-term President!

Why am I doing this?

It is because I do not share Obama’s vision or Value system for America;
I do not share his Abortion beliefs;
I do not share his radical Marxist’s concept of re-distributing wealth;
I do not share his stated views on raising taxes on those who make $150,000+ (the ceiling has been changed three times since August);

I do not share his view that America is Arrogant;
I do not share his view that America is not a Christian Nation;
I do not share his view that the military should be reduced by 25%;
I do not share his view of amnesty and giving more to illegal’s than American Citizens who need help;
I do not share his views on homosexuality and his definition of marriage;
I do not share his views that Radical Islam is our friend and Israel is our enemy who should give up any land;
I do not share his spiritual beliefs (at least the ones he has made public);
I do not share his beliefs on how to re-work the healthcare system in America;
I do not share his Strategic views of the Middle East, and certainly do not share his plan to sit down with terrorist regimes such as Iran.
Bottom line, my America is vastly different from Obama’s, and I have a higher obligation to my Country and my God to do what is Right!
For eight (8) years, the Liberals in our Society, led by numerous entertainers who would have no platform and no real credibility but for their celebrity status, have attacked President Bush, his family, and his spiritual beliefs!
They have not moved toward the center in their beliefs and their philosophies, and they never came together nor compromised their personal beliefs for the betterment of our Country! They have portrayed my America as a land where everything is tolerated except being intolerant!

They have been a vocal and irreverent minority for years; they have mocked and attacked the very core values so important to the founding and growth of our Country!

They have made every effort to remove the name of God or Jesus Christ from our Society! They have challenged capital punishment, the right to bear firearms, and the most basic principles of our criminal code; they have attacked one of the most fundamental of all Freedoms, the right of free speech!
Unite behind Obama? Never!

I am sure many of you who read this think that I am going overboard, but I refuse to retreat one more inch in favor of those whom I believe are the embodiment of Evil!
PRESIDENT BUSH made many mistakes during his Presidency, and I am not sure how history will judge him.
However, I believe that he weighed his decisions in light of the long established Judeo-Christian principles of our Founding Fathers!!!

Majority rules in America , and I will honor the concept; however, I will fight with all of my power to be a voice in opposition to Obama and “his goals for America .”

I am going to be a thorn in the side of those who, if left unchecked, will destroy our Country!! Any more compromise is more defeat!

I pray that the results of this election will wake up many who have sat on the sidelines and allowed the Socialist-Marxist anti-God crowd to slowly change so much of what has been good in America !
“Error of Opinion may be tolerated where Reason is left free to combat it.” (Thomas Jefferson)

God bless you and God bless our Country!!!  (Please, please, please. Pass this on if you agree.)

Thanks for your time, be safe.  “In God We Trust”
‘If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.’
– Ronald Reagan





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know that they could not get this passed on its own!!  Read below…

                                THOSE OF US THAT ARE OVER 70…ARE

                                HEALTH RATIONING FOR SENIORS

                                To all of you seniors, and soon-to-be
seniors, this is a must read.  The stimulus bill is going to cut your
medical coverage, and your years of life.  It actually suggests
making medical decisions based on how long you will live by getting
the procedure/medicine.  So, if you’re 29, you get everything
medically approved because you have a long life ahead of you.  If
you’re 59…  well, hmmm, that’s another story .  Because of your age
and life expectancy, your medical coverage will be curtailed.  That’s
right!  If you are a senior and you get cancer or some other
catastrophic illness, you may not get medical attention simply
because you’re “too old.”  Sounds like euthanasia to me!!!

                                By the way, what does this have to do
with the “Stimulus Bill”?  The scum bag politicians in

     CoolClips_wb030421[1]                           HEALTH CARE FOR SENIORS

                                Most of you know by now that the
Senate version (at least) of the “stimulus” bill includes provisions
for extensive rationing of health care for senior citizens…

                                The author of this part of the bill,
former tax delinquent senator, Tom Daschle was credited today by
Bloomberg with the following statement:

                                Bloomberg: “Daschle says health-care
reform ‘will not be pain free.’ “Seniors should be more accepting of
the conditions that come with age instead of treating them.”   Go
here to read the article:

                                If this does not sufficiently raise
your ire, just remember that Senators and Congressmen have their own
healthcare plan that is first dollar or very low co-pay which they
are guaranteed the remainder of their lives and are not subject to
this new law if it passes.Image-1

                                Please use the power of the Internet
to get this message out.  Talk it up at the grassroots level..  Won’t
be long until we have a mid-term election coming up..  We have the
ability to address and reverse the dangerous direction the Obama
administration and it allies have begun.




 This Ghanian boy’s invitation to America,

Took a life’s span of 18 years,

Waiting, Hoping, Longing for the invitation-

Oh, so near, He’s yearning for the chance,

To make a better life-“Only in America-

You can work if you want to!” “AMERICA!”

A steady job, money to feed & clothe his family,

Yet, he must leave all of that behind-

His homeland of Ghana with familiar sights, sg0942[1]

Flora of African Mahogany, Giant Cotton, & Sapele trees,

Disappearing with slash & burn practices,

A family, a baby so small to remember-

Her Da-Da at all.

His sisters, brothers, all rely on him!

Now, migration to America at last,

But still FIVE years later, emptiness & loneliness,

His constant companion-

Where Home has become New Jersey, USA,

Established, working, assimilating into the culture,

But still, Dreams of his homeland, his family,

Haunt his every waking hour,

Like ghosts trampling on his chest.

His mind wanders to the days gone-by.

To verdant lush fields, savannahs, & streams,

Too poor sometimes to eat, but yet

He longs to be home again,

To see all the familiar places.

Feels loss of family, surroundings,

Worry, “Did my baby eat today?”

Separation devours & consumes him,

Til’ eating & sleeping become less,

I’m in a better place, but are THEY?

“LORD ABOVE, I pray-

Bring my loved ones to me!

Ease the restrictions to let them pass! ”

Too many years have passed by,

I age, as I wait for yet another invitation-

For my family, Please let it happen!

Or I’ll wither & die,

My family once again hungry,

No money for medical attention,

My deprivation & loss will have been in vain.

I have only bought time, time, time!

For nature’s inevitable outcome!






Oh, my little Tinicum boy.

Romped thru the woods & stream. 

Carefree days of yore,

Jumping from rock to rock,

Hunting nature’s copious bounty,

No hint of future changing events,

Only joy for his childhood dream.


Where has my little boy gone?

His memory in final days,

Turns to the carefree, playful times,

Gone but soon lingering in the heavenly stream,

Where little boys play, contentment abound,

He is home again, his legacy secured.

A never changing scenery, his at last!