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This is a new site, that I decided to add to my blog.  As a former teacher of 32 years, I developed an interest in children’s literature.  I have some favorites that I would like to share with parents & their children that might wander onto this site.  Grandparents can find suitable selections for gifts. I consider the illustrations & what I call packaging in my choices.  I was the church librarian for 18 years.  Where there were 2 copies of a book, one moved more than others.  Bright, colorful illustrations with similar book covers were chosen over the dull older copy with black & white illustrations.  So we are looking for eyecatching bright colored illustrations for the younger child, as well as age appropriate subjects. Print size is important, too.  In today’s world, we try to advance ideas, culture, games, etc. way beyond our children’s years.  Age appropriate is stated on things for a reason.  We don’t buy a toy, that is not age appropriate to a child, as frustration & anger soon occurs. The same is true with a book.  Chapter books are great once a child has developed an independence in reading, as they don’t rely on pictures so much.  But reading aloud books to young children is what I will concentrate on now, as well as easy to read books, that beginning readers can enjoy with a little help. Subjects that interest children will also encourage interest in reading.  But most of all it should be a quiet fun time for both of you, such as bedtime.                         

The first book that I would like to suggest is a collections of books written by Suzanne Tate & illustrated by James Melvin.  It is a nature series that introduces young children to animals & their habitats in a marine environment.  First graders could soon read these nicely illustrated, large print paperback books by themselves.  I got them on the internet (One being, but you can also buy them in a good bookstore or Environmental Society’s Book Store. The subject might be HARRY HORSESHOE CRAB, SALTY SEAGULL, OR MARY MANATEE.


My selection that I want to bring to your attention is TAMMY TURTLE.  It is a Tale of Saving Sea Turtles.  It begins with Loggerhead Turtle eggs being hatched on SC beaches & their journey back to the sea.  A lot of information/ facts are developed in the easy to read story.  You will want the collection!  Children are naturally interested in their surroundings.  It is up to us to nurture their natural curiosity, & not abandon it to the electronic age.  The love of reading has to be nurtured & encouraged.  Parents reading themselves set the best example!


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