Why is it so hard for people to commit to any given situation today.  Years ago, when there was someone in need, the family was there to pick up the slack.  Friends were only too willing to help in any way. That was their Christian duty. “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!” But what has happened in today’s world?  Are we so busy that we cannot see the pain that our neighbor experiences?  Or have we become so self centered that only our needs matter to us?  Does getting involved, mean I will have this job forever? Or do we indeed now have a culture of not being our brother’s keeper, & have no feeling of responsibility or concern for others?  Whether Christian or not, the value of caring for each other is an integral part of a civilized world! 

Furthermore, has the faith community come so far from their Christian values & upbringing, that they now live only in their own void, & that alone. The response is so different today in some instances. Awhile ago, when I came home from the hospital or was confined, visits would be made with a casserole for dinner or a jar of homemade jam or some beautiful flowers from their garden.  Now it has become emptiness with no phone calls, visits, a special something, or offer of help in any way.

My particular problem now is that I have a husband, who is no longer allowed to be left alone.  All I need is someone to sit with him for a short time, as he just needs to have someone here, in case he would fall, as he is very unsteady on his feet.  I am at a loss to get a commitment for one or even two people at a time, for this job. The second being needed to take me to Drs. visits, which are building up.  Unfortunately at my age, the visits for some Drs., are scheduled weekly, as to my needs.  Many years ago, I belonged to the church choir.  It was not a large group, so when someone was missing, the balance was off on the sound of the anthem.  So most of us felt the obligation to bring our half dead bodies to church, as so many depended on us to make music. We had a terrible time getting new members, as it was felt that a weekly commitment was too great a sacrifice!  Well, I used to say if we had a lot of people some of the time, we wouldn’t miss those few that for some reason were unavailable to sing that particular Sunday. 

That’s how I feel with my situation.  If someone (s) could commit once a month, everyone would not be stuck with that weekly job. Those few that are helping with their presence or taking me to Dr. now, feel the pressure of a responsibility & are wearing thin.  As a result of my not getting out, my own health has suffered. 

Where is this generation heading?  I hope not to a bunch of apathetic individuals that care for only their own & not others pain!

Those who are serious about getting involved (Boy that’s a loaded word.), should take the pressure & worry from the caregiver.  How?  By finding recruits & scheduling them, as one does any other reoccurring activity. That’s where the help would really be appreciated! 

So are you one of the the committed group or the one who can’t think of any more excuses, to be unavailable.  As in school with lost homework, I’VE HEARD THEM ALL!!!!!



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  1. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for your remarks. You’re right about a network. The problem being, that no one seems to think about the problem, until it happens to them. They are synpathetic, etc., but until they are in that position, it really doesn’t resonate. If something were done, it would probably come from an individual, who was involved personally & felt passinately about the situation. I have poor health with age against me, but I would consider such a feat! And feat it would be! Liability might be an issue, too. Outside care is so expensive that you don’t want to use those resources too soon, as savings can disappear quickly. Unfortunately, friends who could relieve you occassionally, don’t want to commit or involve themselves. Thank you for reaching out to me!

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